Automated Two-Way Texting: The Complete Guide

Sales and marketing automation can improve your pipeline of qualified leads, prevent drop in your sales funnel, eliminate repetitive tasks from your day-to-day and so much more.

When you integrate automated two-way texting into your existing sales process and automated workflows, you open up all new possibilities that will give your team a competitive edge.

Have you ever...

  • Lost prospects in your complex customer journey even after they expressed interest?

  • Noticed your CAC rising higher and higher even with new top funnel tactics?

  • Watched qualified leads drop after the quoting process because they needed more time?

  • Missed out on a deal because the sales reps took too long to follow up, or gave up too early?

  • Been ghosted by prospects who signed up for free consultations and never showed or responded to your follow ups?

Do you want to...

  • Get more visibility into your funnel to protect leads from falling through the cracks?

  • Pre-qualify more prospects without wasting time on unqualified leads?

  • Convert more leads from online quotes or pre-qualification to application?

  • Spend less of your time following up and leaving voicemails?

  • Use data and insights you already have to programmatically trigger timely offers to customers and cold leads?

In this guide, we'll show you the benefits of pairing automated text conversations with your workflows to supercharge your customer acquisition, run sales playbooks and qualify, nurture and follow up with your leads.

What is Automation?

Simply put, automation is the technology by which a process, procedure or task is performed with minimal or no human assistance.

For this guide, we'll be focusing on a few types of automation: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) which is a subset of Business Process Automation (BPA). BPA is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes. Think of RPA as the sibling of BPA, except it leverages Artificial Intelligence and software robots.


What is Automated Texting?

There's a lot more out there than texts blasts with website links and discounts from stores and politicians 😜

Like the name suggests, automated texts are SMS messages that are triggered or scheduled to send on their own. The most common kind of automated texting is a one-way alert (coupons, appointment reminders, marketing promotions, confirmations, etc) where a business sends an automated message, typically containing a link or other CTA outside of the conversation, and the user cannot text back (aside from saying "Y" or STOP). This overview we wrote for ClickZ will give you an even more detailed picture of the difference between the types of automated texting experiences. While many businesses have seen early success with the one-way methods, the future of automated texting we are creating is more purposeful, useful, and valuable for the customer AND the business. 

We believe that the future of automated texting is conversational. The future is automated two-way texting.

What is Automated Two-Way Texting?

Instead of static alerts, links and spam, automated two-way text conversations allow the recipient to interact with an AI assistant (or robot), text back and complete tasks in a conversation. It's a similar experience to a manual SMS conversation between a customer and a sales rep, except that sales rep is an AI robot. This is a much better experience for the user, and much more valuable for the business.

Automated two-way texting adds external robot-to-human communication to your automated internal processes and workflows (BPA & RPA), like activities and triggers in your CRM. By introducing an interface to those automations, like a text conversation, you create something that more closely resembles a human process that interacts with your leads, and they can text back. The result is a "virtual team member," aka an AI assistant or robot that acts on your behalf and can have two-way text conversations with your prospects and simulate the process of natural human conversation, to complete tasks using SMS text messaging.

How Can Sales & Marketing Benefit From Automated Texting?

Automated texting is one of the best ways to incorporate automation into your sales and marketing efforts. With automated conversations, businesses can turn tasks like lead qualifying, nurturing, follow up, collecting documents and more, into two-way text conversations that convert - without the added manual effort.

Leverage the power of texting

Texting is a persistently open channel. This means you can engage with prospects later on if they drop off during the qualification process (unlike a website form) and pick up exactly where they left off, in the same conversation. With open rates on SMS as high as 98%, you can't afford to miss out on the texting opportunity, but automating the process will help you supercharge it.

Major efficiency gains 💪

This one is simple. Using automated texting to communicate with prospects and customers means you'll spend less of your productive time following up with customers and working unqualified leads. With the efficiency automated texting can give you, you’ll have more time to spend with qualified leads, clients and referral partners, and marketing and growing the business in new ways.

More value from your marketing dollars

You’re already filling your funnel with leads through advertising, social media and your website traffic, why not get twice the value? By replacing your website forms with a text conversation, leads are able to take action and get a personalized response right away. There’s a 10x drop in lead qualification when you wait longer than 5 minutes to respond. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to convert inbound traffic and improve your response rate at the same time with automated texting.

Programmatically trigger your SMS workflows

In sales and marketing, your CRM is your home base. Like the automated workflows you've already built in your process, Mav allows you to configure automated conversations to kick off based on activities in your CRM 😱 Plus, all of the conversation details collected from a prospect or customer during their conversation will be routed back to your CRM, so you know exactly where your lead is in the process.

Ensure consistency

Every human is unique and does things a bit differently. For sales and marketing, communicating quickly with the same messages and following up consistently every single time is crucial. 44% of sales reps give up after one follow up, and even less run their playbooks the same every time. Automated texting ensures your prospects and customers will get the message you want every time and understand the business value. And, automated texting allows you to follow up for as long as it takes, for a fraction of the cost.

And much, much more! With automated two-way texting you can...

  • Engage with leads quickly and increase conversion rates

  • Get visibility into your funnel and bridge the most common gaps

  • Use data to offer new and timely offers to customers and cold leads

  • Qualify your leads via text, so you only spend time closing ready leads

  • Nurture and direct your inbound traffic with personalized recommendations

  • Automatically follow up with prospects who have missed calls and find the best time for you to speak again

  • Re-engage customers when you need additional documents or renewals

  • Stop getting ghosted 👻 and finally find out if they're still interested

Automating your repetitive sales and marketing activities is a no brainer. Using automated texting to have two-way conversations, activate customers and convert leads is a game changer. Let's explore how automated texting can convert more leads and benefit your customers at the same time.

What do Teams Want to Automate?

Automated Texting for Lead Qualification

92% of sales and marketing teams say that their main goal with implementing automation is to improve their qualified lead pipeline, followed by customer retention, and then lead nurturing. Let's see how all three of these work with automated texting...

How can automated texting improve your qualified lead pipeline?

Imagine if you never had to spend time working unqualified leads again. Automated texting makes this possible. In a text conversation, a prospect answers a series of qualifying questions and determine if they meet your criteria. The leads find out quickly if they qualify, right in the conversation. If they qualify, you are notified to contact the lead and take next steps.

Using automated texting instead of a traditional web form also speeds up the process, and delivers incredible value to your prospects by telling them if they qualify right away. Allowing them to interact with an automated assistant also lowers the barrier for these leads. They have nothing to lose, only something to gain! This formula is a quick and easy way to grow and improve your pipeline. Instead of spending your time asking the same qualifying questions over and over, you automate the process with texting.

Here's what those conversations look like:
Automate Qualification

Automated Texting for Nurturing & Re-Engagement

How can you nurture and engage leads using automated texting?

When a lead falls through the cracks when they're *this* close to converting, it can be frustrating. Those common dark spots in an acquisition funnel, like the gap between quotes and applications completed, free trials and paid accounts, consultations and sign ups, are important to solve, but also really expensive to solve. Automated texting can bridge these gaps.


SMS is a persistent messaging channel. Persistent channels create users. This means, when a lead texts your AI assistant, they are now a user that you can re-engage strategically at a later time. You can also recall conversational details like their name or any previous quotes and rates, which is essential for customer retention. This is the key difference between automated texting experiences and website forms or chatbots. When a lead leaves your website, even if they interacted with your website bot, they are gone, and you cannot engage them again.

What does this mean for customer retention?

If someone drops off at any point during your conversation, you can re-engage them and remind them to continue. Many times, a customer is chatting with you and something pulls them away. Maybe they had to go into a meeting, hop in the car, or just got distracted, and they forgot about your conversation. Automated texting is smart. The reminders are taken care of automatically, and the conversation with your customer will continue at the exact point they dropped off.

Here's how it works:
Automate Follow Ups

Automated Texting for Lead Follow Up

How can automated texting manage your lead nurturing and follow up process?

Less than 5% of voicemails are responded to. That means you might have to leave 20 voicemails to follow up before you get a response. Lead nurturing is frustrating, time-consuming and repetitive. So frustrating, that 44% of sales reps give up after one follow up. Stop leaving voicemails and sending automated emails that go unopened. Use automated text follow ups and bring them back to life. The process is simple. Using Mav, enter a prospect's name and phone number, or trigger a workflow based on an action in your CRM, and send an automated text to find out if they're still interested. Right away, you increase your open rates over 20x. You can also continue to automate the text follow ups in smart timing intervals so you can convert more cold leads, Day 1 or Day 58.   Turn your traditional lead nurturing process into a fresh, new experience with automated texting that you AND your prospects prefer. 

Here's what we mean:

Turn this into this 1

Ready to Join #TeamAutomate?

Now that you know a few of the benefits of automated texting for sales and marketing, you probably have several ideas of how your business can benefit from running automated playbooks and automating your repetitive tasks like: filling your free consultation and demo pipeline, pre-qualifying prospects, moving leads from quotes delivered to application started, confirming, rescheduling and following up, and of course, convert more leads. We couldn't agree with you more.

Let's review what we've learned:

  • BPA and RPA are the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes. The main difference between them is that RPA utilizes software robots or artificial intelligence workers.

  • Automated texting is SMS messages that are scheduled or triggered send on their own. By adding an interface (like a text conversation) to your internal automated workflows, you can create a two-way conversation between your process and your prospects, using an automated texting robot. This would resemble a human process that interacts, or texts, with leads on your behalf, and the lead can respond. It's like adding an AI assistant on your sales team.

  • Qualify leads with automated texting and convert faster and better than a traditional web form. Ask prospects qualifying questions to find out if they meet your criteria and tell them if they're qualified right in the conversation.

  • Re-Engage customers and leads who have dropped off at any point in the conversation with SMS, a persistent messaging channel that allows them to pick up right where they left off. Your website can't do that. 

  • Follow up with leads who ignore your voicemails (because 95% do) and drip emails with automated texting and bring them back to life. Continue to follow up in smart timing intervals so you can find a time to talk again, Day 1 or Day 58.

And let's not forget, people love to text! It’s important to interact with prospects and customers the way that they want. It means more conversions, happier customers, and more referrals. Automation is the easiest way to take daily repetitive tasks off of your plate, and when your business starts texting, it gives prospects the convenience they want by making you available 24/7. 

Not sure what to do next? Mav can help.

Mav is the AI assistant for Fintech customer acquisition. Mav has fully autonomous text conversations with your leads and customers. Qualify leads, re-engage existing customers with new offers and follow up with leads who drop off during applications - all on autopilot.🔥 With automated workflows, Mav knows when to start texting and when and where to deliver your lead data. 

Our playbooks turn daily time-consuming sales tasks into automated, two-way text conversations, and they're ready to run on day one.

Current texting playbooks:

  • For Qualification: Qualify prospects and grow your qualified lead pipeline.

  • For Quoting: Deliver real-time quotes directly inline to convert leads faster.

  • For Follow Ups: Send personalized and timely follow ups so you can convert more cold leads and nurture your customers.

  • For Re-Engagements and New Offers: Re-engage customers and previously unqualified leads with new opportunities and quickly find out if they're interested.

Want to chat more about how automated two, way texting can help you? Book an Intro Call below.

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Hillary Black