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Mav uses conversational AI through text messaging to scale lead generation and call centers. Whether it's generating inbound calls, qualifying prospects, or following up with leads, Mav is on it.

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How Mav Works

As your automated assistant, Mav works 24/7 so you don't have to.

Featured Outcomes

Upgrade your Lead Generation with Artificial Intelligence

Mav is fully-managed, constantly learning and expertly trained on a variety of skills designed to help your business scale. Every new skill and improvement Mav makes is automatically integrated.

Smart Intents

Mav understands and responds to what your customers are saying even if they go off script, resulting in a more natural and human conversation

Smart Texting Windows

Send messages to your customers during the hours they are most likely to respond

Auto Re-Engagements

Nurturing messages delivered at the exact right time follow up with leads for days, weeks and months


Easily integrate with Mav's restful API to trigger and receive information from Mav

Whitelabel Persona

Mav can adapt to your unique brand voice, or we can create a custom digital assistant persona

Live Transfer Calls

Mav generates AI-powered warm live transfer calls to your sales team and partners

Zapier App

Connect Mav to existing software, trigger and receive information from Mav


We train, maintain and improve Mav's NLP engine to give your customers a great chat experience

Let Mav automate your lead generation. Scale your business.

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