Mav is how
convert more leads.

Turn qualifying, quoting and following up with leads into automated, two-way text conversations.

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Automated Texting Playbooks

For Qualification

Mav automates qualification so you can grow your qualified lead pipeline.

For Quoting

Mav automates real-time quotes directly inline to convert leads faster.

For Follow Ups

Mav automates personalized and timely follow ups so you can convert more cold leads.

Automated Texting Converts Better

An average person responds to an SMS message in 90 seconds, while only 4.8% of voicemails are returned. Automated texting not only improves your open rates, it gives prospects the convenience they want by making your business available 24/7, so they convert faster.

Automated Texting Is Smarter

Automated texting creates a communication layer between your business and the customer. With Mav you can: send personalized two-way messages at scale, follow up consistently and integrate with CRMs and 100s of other platforms. 🔥

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Mav Is Not Your Average Texting Platform

Automated Playbooks

Mav solves sales problems. Our playbooks turn daily time-consuming sales tasks into automated, two-way text conversations, and they're ready to run on day one.

Smart Texting Windows

Mav knows when to text and follow up with your leads with tested and perfected texting windows. Leads can text back 24/7 even when your business isn't open.

Automated Workflows

Build automated workflows with our integration marketplace. Mav will know when to start texting and when and where to deliver your lead data.