What’s Missing from Your Marketing Automation Strategy? A Conversation.

When a lead falls through the cracks when they're *this* close to converting, it can be frustrating. Those common dark spots in an acquisition funnel, like the gap between quotes and applications completed, free trials and paid accounts, consultations and sign ups, are important to solve, but also really expensive to solve. One of the methods used to bridge the gap today is with marketing automation.

One of the worst parts about the automated experiences you know (drip emails, SMS broadcasts and robo-dialers) is that they’re one sided. They aren't designed for a customer to reply or change their mind, and they push people back to the platform they dropped off from in the first place.

The secret to improving lead-to-contact rate is conversation. By texting a customer with message they can actually reply to (manual or automated - we prefer automated 🤖), you create an instantly actionable way for them to confirm their interest in your offers, schedule and reschedule calls and jump right back in to the buying journey without leaving the experience.

More conversations, less spam.

Here's how re-engagements work with texting:

If someone drops off at any point during your conversation, you can re-engage them and remind them to continue. Similar to the marketing automation strategies, you are attempting to bring the customer back to what they were doing before. The difference between using texting and the other methods is the conversation.

Many times, a customer is chatting with you and something pulls them away. Maybe they had to go into a meeting, hop in the car, or just got distracted, and they forgot about your conversation. Instead of spamming them with 100 emails and voicemails with low conversion rates, simply send a reminder text and allow them to engage right in the conversation, letting you know if they're still interested in continuing.

Here's a few ways you can use Mav to automate re-engagement texts:

✅ Let abandoned applications know their limited time offer is about to expire

✅ Re-engage previous customers with renewals before their contracts end

✅ Nurture unqualified leads until they become qualified

Want to make your automation strategy conversational? Try Mav out for free.

Hillary Black

Hillary Black

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