Automated Re-Engagements

As your Fintech business grows, so does your offering. Automated texting is easiest way to re-engage existing customers and previously unqualified leads with new offers. 

Whether you have new qualification requirements or an entirely new service, you can engage a list of prospects for your new offering with a text. Reach the exact right customer at the exact right time with an offer they'll want to act on right away.

How does it work?

Using data and insights you already have, Mav texts prospects to find out if they're interested in your new offer, and even finds the right time for you to connect with them to take next steps. The qualified leads are delivered to your CRM as soon as they're ready.

Here's a few ways you can use Mav to automate new offer texts:

✅ Let abandoned applications know their limited time offer is about to expire

✅ Re-engage previous customers with renewals before their contracts end

✅ Nurture unqualified leads until they become qualified