How Much Time Does Mav Actually Save You?

Last year, Mav saved our customers over TEN THOUSAND workdays. That's over 5 million minutes. How do we know this? Read on to find out about the methodology behind Time Saved.

The Text Distraction, By The Numbers

It's estimated that every message a sales rep sends results in a 2-minute distraction from prime time focus, but even for the highest performing reps, that number can be much higher.

Studies reported by Harvard Business Review show that a single text message, which takes approximately 2.2 seconds to read, can double error rates on basic tasks, and that workers find it takes an average of 11 minutes to get back into the flow of the previous task. As a sales rep in an increasingly text-focused sales world, those distractions really add up.

But responding right away is essential for reps. Waiting to reply so you can carve out productive "focus time" can hurt your chances that a lead will still be there when you get around to texting them back. In fact, Google Research says it's rude to wait longer than 20 minutes to respond.

How Mav Helps

So what can you do about it? How can you benefit from a text-first approach to sales, without creating more problems when it comes to your time, effort and the customer's experience? By hiring an SMS assistant like Mav. When you automate your SMS tasks, the back-and-forth, scheduling and rescheduling, the follow ups - the amount of time you'll save really adds up.

Calculating Time Saved

While some texts can lead to an 11-minute distraction (and according to other studies, as much as 23 minutes), not every single text takes this long to read and reply to. We wanted to be overly generous with our distraction calculation, to factor in those easier to digest and respond to texts.

For our Time Saved calculation, we set the distraction time for one text message to 2 minutes.

With a 2 minute standard in mind, we set out to calculating the amount of time you can save by automating a conversation with Mav, not just one message.

Time Saved Per Conversation

When we looked at the thousands of conversations that Mav has had with leads for all of our customers, we noticed the following trends.

The average number of messages Mav sends per unengaged lead, which are those who don't reply, only reply once, or opt-out, is three messages.

The average number of messages sent per engaged lead, which are people who do reply and complete actions like scheduling a callback, initiating a live call transfer, or asking for a follow up, is eight messages.

Every conversation that Mav has saves you between 6 and 16 minutes. Not to mention, these conversations can be happening 24/7 365, even while you're sleeping.

How To Save A Day of Time

With our Time Saved metric in mind, what would you need to do to save a DAY of time? It's a lot easier than you might think. Every 50 leads you delegate to Mav saves about 8 hours of time (a full day of work). If you work a high volume of leads every day, you could be saving hours and hours of time every single day, even on off-hours and the weekend, by offloading those SMS tasks to Mav.

Sound Too Good to Be True? Here's Some Real Results.

In one month we saved a leading home inspection software company 13 DAYS (just over 100 work hours) by delegating 541 lead outreach and appointment setting text conversations to Mav.

Want to find out how much time Mav could be saving you every month? Try for free.

Evan Smith

Evan Smith

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