DeFi: Is Trustless More Trustworthy? (with Morgan Richardson)

In this episode Matthew interviews Morgan Richardson, Software Engineer at Digifox, Digital Creator and Influencer to talk about all things Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Morgan is an expert at breaking down the complex concepts of DeFi in a way that everyone can understand and feel empowered to become involved in, and she does just that in the episode. Hear her perspectives on the benefits of trustless and transparent networks, find out what they both think is needed for mass adoption, the potential of decentralized technologies in other avenues, and how you can get started in your own exploration of DeFi. Matthew also shares an entertaining story about his first experience with Bitcoin in 2011.

Want to learn more and get your questions answered by Morgan? Attend her #DeFiFriday livestream tomorrow on Instagram, the topic is Bitcoin for Beginners.

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