Artificial Intelligence: General, Narrow and Open AI

In this episode Matthew is joined by Mauricio Gomes, CTO of Mav to talk about all things Artificial Intelligence. Mauricio breaks down the basics and differences between General vs Narrow AI, AGI, and Open AI's latest release, GPT-3. They share some of their favorite Open AI demos so far, use cases and benefits for businesses who want to utilize Open AI-primed models.

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Links from the episode:

Open AI's GPT-3

The Verge: GPT-2 is "Too Dangerous to Release"

Multi-Agent Hide and Seek

Transcendent Man, Inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil Documentary

Musenet, AI-generated 4-minute musical compositions

Learn from Anyone, Historical figure conversations

Sudowrite, Bust writers block with AI-suggested story prompts

Neuralink presentation

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