Why Your Sales Team Should Hire a Robot

Using a robot to add automated two-way texting to your sales process and workflows opens up new possibilities that will give your team a competitive edge.

What is Automated Two-Way Texting?

Automated texts are SMS messages that are triggered or scheduled to send on their own, based on an internal workflows or activities. The most common kind of automated texting is a one-way alert, like an appointment reminder you can't respond to.

Mav enables businesses to have automated two-way text conversations with prospects, leads and customers. Instead of static alerts, links and spam, the recipient can interact with an automated robot, text back and complete tasks in a conversation.

One way vs Two Way Texting

What Can An Automated Texting Robot Help You With?

Sales and marketing teams already use automation every day. The most common use cases are:

  • Streamlining sales processes (quotes and proposals) with CRM automations

  • Automating renewal processes with drip emails

  • Enriching leads

  • Capturing real-time sales metrics

Pairing business process automations with automated texting robots unlocks serious potential for sales teams. Your team can communicate with prospects and customers in a two-way SMS conversation, just like a sales assistant would, but a robot texts back instantly and is available 24/7.

Automated texting robots can:

  • Qualify more prospects

  • Introduce leads to sales reps

  • Schedule more consultations and demos (and reschedule easily)

  • Convert more leads after the initial sales call

  • Follow up with cold leads and re-engage unresponsive prospects

Put Sales Processes on Autopilot with Automated Workflows

When you add Mav (a robot) to your sales team, you can configure automated text conversations to start based on activities. This means:

  • Instantly send an introduction text when a prospect expresses interests

  • Replace lengthy web forms and onboarding processes with a text conversation

  • Nurture and re-engage leads that ignore calls, voicemails and emails

  • Follow up with leads who dropped off during your website application

Automated Two-Way Texting Playbooks In Action

What is the experience like for the customer? Automated texting is the most convenient way for prospects to interact with your business because of its 24/7 availability, and with automated playbooks, you can provide instant value to them in the conversation.

Here are a few examples...

Automate Lead Qualification

A prospect texts with your robot and answers a series of qualifying questions. They find out right in the conversation if they qualify for your service, and as soon as they are, you are notified to take next steps.

Mav can even provide real-time quotes directly inline. By integrating with your internal workflows and CRMs, Mav can send personalized rates and estimates, and seamlessly transition from interest to application over text message.

Automate Qualification

Automatically Re-Engage

Sometimes life gets in the way and a lead has to step into a meeting, drive home, or gets distracted by another app. This is where automated texting robots shine. If a lead drops off at any point in the conversation, Mav will send a text to bring them back, and remember everything they've said before.

The same goes for cold and unresponsive leads. Mav strategically and consistently follows up to keeps prospects moving through your pipeline, then finds out if they're still interested and finds a better time for you to call them.

Automate Re-Engagement Texts

Ready to add a robot to your team? Mav turns qualifying leads, quoting, nurturing and following up into automated, two-way text conversations. 

Send personalized text messages, have conversations at scale and integrate with CRMs and 100s of other platforms. 🔥With automated workflows, Mav knows when to start texting and when and where to deliver your lead data.

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Hillary Black

Hillary Black

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