What are Mav Playbooks?

Every successful sales team has a set of playbooks they run at various points in the sales funnel to solve problems and get leads ready-to-close. These could be email follow ups, text reminders, qualification scripts and more. Mav works in the same way. The main difference is, Mav playbooks are programmatic and automated

To make Mav an effective member of your sales team, Mav needs to speak the same language. The concept of playbooks for Mav, Automated Texting Playbooks, were created as an easy way to communicate the sales tasks that Mav is able to help you with.

Each Mav Playbook focuses on a specific and measurable outcome that Mav is able to achieve. This could be successfully qualifying a lead, scheduling an appointment, or finding just about any true lead outcome - are they still interested, when works for a call, do they want your new offer, and so on. 

Mav is always learning new skills and adding Playbooks, so stay tuned for the latest launches.

Mav Playbooks

Here are a few examples of Playbooks that Mav supports today:

Qualification: Qualify and collect information from inbound leads to grow your qualified lead pipeline. Take it a step further and deliver the qualified leads right to your CRM.

Introduction & Outreach: Boost lead-to-contact rates by instantly sharing a sales rep’s contact card with a lead when they express interest. Allow the leads to request earlier call times so you can prioritize the hottest leads. 

Follow Up & Nurture: Nurture leads on a consistent basis and keep your business top of mind. Whether they’re ready to move forward now, need more time or no longer interested, Mav will find the outcome and move the lead to the next step.

When Should You Use a Mav Playbook?

Wherever there’s tasks in your sales process that are high volume, repeatable and measured by a specific outcome, it’s a great job to hand off to Mav. With Mav’s unique two-way text capabilities, your leads will be able to complete these tasks and reach an outcome autonomously - without human help from someone on your team.

Can You Customize a Mav Playbook?

Yes. While Mav is strategically built to support a variety of sales playbooks out of the box, there is room for customization. You can personalize the experience by adding things like the business name, a sales rep’s name and contact card, references to specific offerings or reasons why you are contacting the lead, and more. Mav can also be white labeled and adapted to your unique brand and persona, or we can work with you to create your own digital assistant persona. With the Mav API, there are even more options to deeply integrate with and customize Mav. To learn more about the possibilities, schedule a call with our team.

Can Mav Playbooks Be Stacked or Combined?

Yes. Mav knows that as leads move throughout the sales funnel, they’ll have different needs covered by different playbooks. Because of the programmatic nature of Mav, you can enable playbooks to trigger when they are needed, or once an outcome is met. Qualified a lead that then missed their demo? Have Mav send a follow up. Delivered a quote and they’re ready to take the next step? Mav can run the introduction playbook. Mav Playbooks can be creatively stacked to handle as much or as little of your sales process as you’d like.

How Does Mav Know When to Start (and Stop) Texting?

There’s a few different scenarios where Mav will start and stop texting.

Mav texts them first: You import or add new leads at any time and Mav will wait until the optimal time to send the first message (usually the same day or next business day). These are called ”Smart Texting Windows.” It’s important to note that although Mav will not reach out to new leads outside of the texting window, if a lead responds to a previous message, Mav will reply right away, any day, any time.

Mav can also send a text based on an event in your CRM, whether it’s a new lead, a certain status has been updated or they’ve moved to another stage.

The lead texts Mav first: Mav will instantly reply as soon as a lead texts in, and confirm that they want to opt-in to receive text messages.

For either scenario, Mav will stop texting once an outcome is met, OR if the lead has opted out of the conversation (by replying STOP or a similar phrase).

Ready to start automating your sales with Mav Playbooks?

Hillary Black

Hillary Black

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