Should You Pretend Your AI is Human?

Many companies are racing to create AI that mimics human interaction as closely as possible. But does it really matter to customers if they think they're talking to a human, or would they rather know they're talking to AI?

Legal issues aside, we think pretending your AI is human actually limits its potential.

By trying to act as if an AI assistant is human, you lose flexibility. You're constantly trying to maintain this impression, rather than leveraging AI's unique strengths.

Being transparent about using AI can actually enhance the customer experience. When customers know they're interacting with AI, they may be more accurate with their responses, and more importantly, you can focus on delivering real value.

AI assistants have several advantages over human agents:

  • 24/7 availability and persistently open conversations

  • Ability to retain context across multiple or long conversations

  • Capacity to guide users through curated experiences

Bots have benefits too 🤖

Matthew Black

Matthew Black

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