Mav Wins "SMS Company of the Year" at the 2023 AFFY Awards

We’re proud and humbled to share the news that Mav has received the SMS Company of the Year Award at the 2023 AFFY Awards in Los Angeles. We were selected by their Awards Committee based on our services, client value, account satisfaction, platform innovations and overall performance from SMS campaigns.

While Mav was a newcomer among the nominees for SMS Company of the Year, we've continued to hold a deep commitment to being product innovators in all aspects of Conversational AI and the lead experience from our start in 2016. With features like Party Lines, a first of its kind SMS-to-live call transfer feature for call and contact centers, our MIT open-source tech framework Stealth, official Zapier App and further integrations of the latest technologies in Conversational AI, Mav continues to shape the best practices for SMS in lead generation.

“Mav was born with the vision of democratizing AI, transitioning it from big tech players to our heroes: everyday developers and hackers,” says Mav Founder and CEO Matthew Black. 

“Over the years, we've worked hard to make this technology easily accessible to sales and marketing teams aiming for growth with reduced reliance on humans. 

The AFFY 2023 SMS Company of the Year Award truly reflects the remarkable achievements of our lean team. Our excitement for the future is limitless.”

As 2024 approaches, we plan to unveil brand new AI-based features, empowering customers to refine, train, and enhance Mav's capabilities, and tailoring its persona to meet their company's specific needs.

About the AFFYs

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Hillary Black

Hillary Black

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