Mav "SMS Enablement Detection" Skill Now Live

Our customers have been taking full advantage of the newly released Mav API and our Quick Add lead import features to programmatically trigger Mav to start texting, but we had noticed a common theme among leads who weren’t texting Mav back: their phone numbers were landlines. ☎️

Landlines can’t receive or send texts, so we wanted to create a way for Mav to recognize the difference and skip over these leads. Our new “SMS Enablement Detection” skill does just that.

Now, if a lead is added to Mav via Quick Add or the API and the phone number is a landline, Mav will return the error message: "Phone number is not SMS enabled."

SMS Enablement Detection

How does it work?

  1. You add a lead to Mav via Quick Add or the API

  2. Mav detects whether or not this phone number is a landline

    📵 IF yes, you'll receive the error message "Phone number is not SMS enabled"

    📱 IF no, Mav will start working the lead right away

This was a big feature a few of our customers have been asking for, so we’ve baked it into the product and made it available to all Mav customers (for free). It not only makes analytics more accurate, you'll see improvements in the overall performance and speed of your workflows, too.


Matthew Black

Matthew Black

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