Case Study: Mav + Calendly = A Perfect Match for Booking Demos

Calendly has become an essential tool for sales teams to book demos. Just share your link, then let your leads schedule a time that fits your schedule at their convenience. But what happens when they don't show up for the meeting? Or what if they said they were interested, but never clicked your link to book a time? Mav can pick up the slack.

Here's how Mav helped Qandid, an industry-leading business in a box solution for Tradeline Resellers, reduce no-shows and complete more demo bookings by integrating with Calendly:

With a growing pipeline of prospective customers, Qandid uses Calendly to book and manage their product demos. Users first sign up for a Qandid account, and are then prompted to schedule a demo at their convenience.

There were two main challenges with their funnel that Mav was tasked to solve:

  1. Users who signed up for an account, but did not schedule their demo

  2. Users who did successful schedule, but then missed their demo

By linking Mav to their CRM and Calendly, Qandid could inform Mav which users did not book their demo after signing up, and which ones did not show up for their demos, and send them a personalized text. Right away, Mav texts the user to complete their booking or reschedule their demo meeting, making it easy to do so right from the conversation. This means Qandid could recover leads without added manual effort. And, since SMS is a persistently open channel, Mav was able to re-engage leads who did not respond or book, or indicated they wanted to be reminded at a later time. All without the need to follow up manually and keep track of the status of these leads. Within the first 6 months of using Mav, Qandid was able to recover more leads, improve their overall conversion rates and drive additional revenue.

Mav Qandid Example

Results Over a 6-Month Period:

Demo Scheduling:

  • Mav recovered 25.3% of the lead segment and reached an outcome

  • 10% overall conversion rate (lead-to-demo)

  • $117K in additional revenue generated

No-Show Demo Rebooking:

  • Mav recovered 11.8% of the lead segment and reached an outcome

  • 13.5% overall conversion rate (demo-to-demo completed)

  • $35K in additional revenue generated

Between their two Mav experiences, Qandid was able to see 33X ROI in a 6-month period.

If you’re using Calendly to book demos and meetings, you need to add automated SMS to your cadence. Why?

πŸ”₯ 20% more bookings

πŸ“† 45% fewer no shows

πŸ€– Automatically confirm and follow up via SMS

βœ… Free for 30 days, go live in 30 minutes

Try Mav and see how many more meetings you can book.

Matthew Black

Matthew Black

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