Automated Qualification

Sales and marketing teams spend a significant amount of time filling the top funnel with fresh leads to qualify. Then, the cat and mouse game begins. Asking the same questions over and over, following up and chasing down leads before they finish the qualifying process. Automated two-way texting changes this.

How does it work?

In an automated, two-way text conversation, a lead will share their information and answer qualifying questions at their own pace. Once they start texting, Mav will continue nurturing them until they complete the process, making cold leads a thing of the past.

The lead will find out if they qualify for the service or offer right in the conversation, and when they become qualified, Mav will notify you to take next steps. Spend less time chasing prospects and more of your valuable time with qualified, ready to close leads.

Automate Lead Qualification with Mav

✅ Replace lengthy web forms and improve conversion rate

✅ Lead finds out quickly if they qualify, right in the conversation

✅ Qualified leads delivered to your CRM