Automated Follow Ups

Lead nurturing is essential for success, but working cold leads can be a real time sink. Are they still interested? With automated two-way texting, you can follow up consistently for as long as it takes.

Replace manual text follow ups and low converting automated one-way texts with actionable, automated two-way text conversations. Stop chasing down leads and get visibility in your funnel.

How does it work?

Using Smart Timing Intervals, Mav will follow up with leads who have dropped off at various points in the sales funnel. Whether they're pre-qualified and haven't taken next steps, missed a call or abandoned an application, Mav will keep them moving.

Mav can also follow up with stale leads and find out if they're still interested. If they are, you can find the right time to speak again or get them pre-qualified, all on autopilot.

Here's a few ways you can use Mav to automate follow ups:

✅ Get abandoned applications back on track

✅ Find out if they're still interested in your service or offer

✅ Reschedule missed calls and appointments